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Health and Health is a newly opened Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center located in a fascinating and mesmerizing area of Open Beach Jumeirah 1 Dubai. It caters people who are in need of various services ranging from physiotherapy, orthosis, prosthesis, and rehabilitation. The owner of the company has been very dedicated to his current project and his primary mission is to help people upgrade their well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Health and Health Center has been recognized now by the Dubai Health Authority as one of the biggest and most sophisticated Center in Dubai. It has believed that in the next year it will reach its target to be one of the best Physical and Rehabilitation Center around UAE.         


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Health and Health Complex  2A Street 23A

Jumeirah1 Open Beach Road

Dubai, UAE

P.O. Box: 66531

Phone: +971 4 3494959+971 4 3494959

Fax: +971 4 3349159